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Sony starts refunding Anthem purchases in mild of “complete energy down” reviews

<em>Anthem</em> may look gorgeous. But what's that worth when it makes your console hard-lock to the point of fully powering down?
Enlarge / Anthem would possibly glance stunning. However what is that price when it makes your console hard-lock to the purpose of absolutely powering down?

After a weekend stuffed with reviews about Anthem woes on PS4, individuals who bought the sport on that console were given a sliver of “excellent” information on Monday: you’ll be able to most certainly get a no-questions-asked refund to your acquire for those who ask Sony for it.

The tale starts with a frightening “complete” device crash mid-game, which does not simply hard-lock the sport or unload customers into an error message and device menu. As a substitute, the crash utterly powers down PS4 consoles, as though the ability wire were yanked out. That suggests a faucet of the controller’s “PS” button may not energy the console again on. As soon as customers press the device’s energy button, the PS4 reboots in a black, 480p-resolution display screen to test for possible issues with corrupted memory. After that disk test, the console’s menus remind customers to not energy down their methods in such an unsafe means.

However, once more, that is the fault of the sport Anthem as of its Thursday, February 28 patch on PS4. A couple of threads at the recreation’s r/AnthemTheGame Reddit neighborhood have sprung up with users complaining of the similar issue, and they have pointed to video games newshounds and critics like Massive Bomb’s Brad Shoemaker reporting the same crash. (Ars Technica does now not have a replica of the sport on PS4 to check.)

No not unusual copy trail has but been showed, however some customers have reported averting the problem through all the time hard-quitting the sport after a consultation as a substitute of striking their PS4 consoles to sleep. No less than one consumer reported that this hard-lock fully bricked a console, however as of press time, that factor seems to be a ways rarer.

And not using a public reaction from Anthem‘s builders at BioWare, customers at Reddit and BioWare’s boards started reporting that that they had reached out to Sony’s customer support channels asking for refunds for the sport’s digitally bought model. Their reported good fortune tales impressed Selection‘s Brittany Vincent to do the similar by means of PlayStation’s customer support chat device. She reported that her refund was processed swiftly after ready in a standard customer support queue.

When requested in regards to the legitimacy of those crash reviews, BioWare’s representatives answered with a hyperlink to a Monday put up at the topic:

Sony didn’t straight away reply to Ars Technica’s requests for remark at the tale.

The scoop follows BioWare’s assurances that its contemporary replace to the sport on all platforms would fix a strange “endgame” issue: that high-level gamers have been receiving swaths of nugatory loot in harder-difficulty missions. Those incorporated guns and pieces with “inscription” bonuses that did not observe to the thing to which they have been connected (e.g., sniper-rifle perks for a pistol) and “masterwork” pieces that dropped within the recreation’s weakest rarity tiers.

In each circumstances, gamers have been receiving pieces that have been mathematically rubbish after enjoying thru one of the recreation’s toughest and grindiest ranges lately to be had. BioWare’s replace on that patch did not give an explanation for precisely how this mathematical flubbing made it into the overall recreation within the first position. However between that drawback and this PS4 hard-lock factor, extra gamers are starting to ask (as I did in my review of the sport) how “final” Anthem really is.

Long term gamers may not see the ones janky merchandise drops, BioWare says. However affected gamers do not get automated upgrades to the junk they collected ahead of a patch addressed that factor.

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