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Our ‘insane’ no-fee business model works

GoFundMe is now funded largely by donations — users are presented with a voluntary option at the end of a transaction to send a few extra dollars to the site. The site’s fee structure still indicates a 5 percent fee on “certified charity campaigns, and all campaigns created outside the …

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How to fix your iPhone screen

It’s easy to get your cracked iPhone screen fixed, just make sure you take it to the right place. While it might be tempting to take it to the cheapest repair spot, you should always take an iPhone with a broken screen to Apple or one of its authorized partners …

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The dark web and how to access it

If you think of the web like an iceberg, you have the surface web up top. It’s the internet you see and use every day and consists of all the websites indexed by traditional search engines like Google. It’s where you shop on Amazon and listen to music on Spotify. …

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Cramer vets under-the-radar cybersecurity plays like ForeScout

ForeScout is a $1.3 billion company focused on helping government agencies and businesses implement security measures for growing online networks. With more and more smart devices being rolled out, ForeScout helps prevent breaches across the whole network instead of installing software designed for each device. Cramer liked that the company, …

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4 tech stocks you should buy while they’re still cheap

White called this company a “money machine.” While he acknowledged that the Facebook data scandal has hurt the entire tech sector, he called Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony on Capitol Hill this week “a phenomenal performance.” “Zuck crushed it this week,” White said. Facebook stock was trading just over $164 Thursday, compared …

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