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How Mark Zuckerberg should respond to Facebook’s crisis

As Facebook executives come under fire for their response — or lack thereof — to reports of unauthorized data mining on the platform during the 2016 presidential campaign, CNBC’s Jim Cramer crafted a playbook for the company’s top brass. Mark Zuckerberg, the social media giant’s founder and CEO, and Sheryl …

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Americans spend $2.1 billion a month, in 55% homes

Media companies can keep worrying about cord cutting. Deloitte found in its 12th annual digital media trends survey that the percentage of American households that subscribe to a streaming service has grown to 55 percent. Last year, the firm reported that 49 percent of households reported at least one video …

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Why are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Vector interested

Vector, on the other hand, wants to use its small rockets to tap a new equatorial LEO market by launching dozens of small satellites. The company’s Vector-R rocket, which is nearing its first orbital launch in July, is about one-sixth the size of the often-watched SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. At …

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Puerto Rico lures blockchain industry to help fund its comeback

The sold-out event attracted a diverse group of around 800 people — representatives of blockchain start-ups, cryptocurrency investors, hedge-fund managers, bankers and accountants from all across the U.S. Patrick Moynihan, the CEO of Blockchain Industries, said blockchain is not merely a technology, it is a movement led by individuals who …

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Exclusions may take 90 days

Steel and aluminum users that depend on imported products not available from U.S. producers may have to wait up to 90 days for an exclusion from the Trump administration’s new metals tariffs, according to a Commerce Department document. The draft Federal Register notice, which is expected to be published later …

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