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Top 5 free apps to keep you healthy in 2018

Playing in the same niche as Calm, Headspace offers guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. Its co-founder, Andy Puddicombe (pictured here leading a meditation class), has become a minor meditation celebrity: He is the author of multiple books under the Headspace brand, a Ted talker and even led the Tonight Show‘s band The Roots through a two-minute meditation on-air in 2017. But his flair isn’t as surprising when his degree in Circus Arts from the Conservatoire of Dance and Drama in London is considered. His pre-Headspace bio also included traveling to the Himalayas to study meditation after dropping out of school and 10 years later being ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

At No. 5 among all free downloads in the health niche, Headspace has also had success in the corporate arena. Companies that Headspace touts as users of its tool for productivity include Google, Airbnb, Spotify, LinkedIn, Aetna, Unilever and — in an industry that probably needs stress relief measures more than many — United Airlines.

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