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TV Show “The Happiness Jungle”, Cami’s topic..Make Money while Making a Difference…Cause marketing

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“Make Money while Making A Difference…what the heck IS Cause Marketing anyway?”

Imagine if you could take the thing you are most passionate about supporting and incorporate your fundraising, awareness raising, volunteering efforts and anyway you like to be a contribution to that organization or mission… and actually “Make Money” while you are “Making a Difference”!!

The planet is in a wonderful phase of transition. Those of us who are visionary, heart centered, forward thinking and called to be a contribution to the world are coming forth in a powerful way. Because of this, there are so many causes that are getting the attention they deserve and the impact is being felt in a beautiful way.

“Cause” refers to any cause, mission, organization, group of people, group of animals, community awareness or situation that the Entrepreneur or Business is inspired to support, contribute to or otherwise be affiliated with in an effort to give back and pay it forward.

“Marketing”, in this context means strategically using the efforts and engagement with the cause in such a way that the Entrepreneur or Business is able to market themselves because of it. Showing their marketplace that they are leaders, givers, stewards of giving and not just concerned about the planet but taking action to do something about it.

Cause Marketing is partnering, pairing and positioning our passion and purpose with our businesses success!

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Or to simply set up a fun chat about how Cause Marketing is THE BEST WAY to lead generate, recruit, create a buzz in your marketplace about your company and all the while being a contribution to the world and your passions!

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